The first ever community-driven cryptocurrency platform

Muntster aims to become the first ever fully community-driven cryptocurrency exchange platform. Coin communities can freely upload their wallets and manage their trading pairs and wallet operation on the exchange.

By giving the responsibility of the wallet to the community, we enable a completely open exchange, allowing us to focus on the actual functionality and infrastructure of the service.

Promoting innovation

We believe the block chain is amazing and game-changing. Therefore, we also strongly believe that cryptocurrency exchanges should promote the development of the technology. Unfortunately, most of the cryptocurrency exchanges on the market could not care less. Listing fees have gone through the roof on most exchanges, completely destroying the ability of small innovative teams and developers to compete with big ICO's and established cryptocurrencies.

We want to change this deteriorating trend.

Our goal is to promote new cryptocurrencies and innovation, furthering the development of the block chain.

1 Submit your cryptocurrency

When you submit your cryptocurrency, you define your team (aliases or real names) and describe the project. The community will later view this information when they make a decision if they want to trade your currency. Once submitted, you can upload and organize your source tree and prepare it for compilation. We provide you with a private container for your wallet instance and source code.

2 Build and compile your wallet

For building, you have access to a private Debian 9 instance where you build and run your wallet. You pick dependencies and compile your wallet directly from the web interface of the exchange. Once built, a number of automated sanity checks and unit tests are performed in order to check the integrity of the wallet.

3 Configure and fine-tune

We provide you with the ability to configure most aspects of your cryptocurrency. You can also choose your desired trading pairs. While markets for Bitcoin, Swipp and Monoeci will be mandatory, each cryptocurrency community can freely control which other trading pairs they want to enable.

4 Build your community

Once you are up an running it's time to build your community. We provide you with everything needed to grow and develop a healthy cryptocurrency. Together with the ability to trade the currency, each community also receives a chat server where community members can join and discuss development. We also provide each cryptocurrency with a mining pool (if the currency has support for proof-of-work).

Financing communities

For a monthly subscription of only 1500 Swipp per month (roughly $60 at the moment), cryptocurrency communities can subscribe to receive 50% of the commissions collected on the exchange from trades of their cryptocurrency. This can be used by the community to finance further development and support marketing.

As a special bonus for hosters of Monoeci and Swipp masternodes, there will be a daily reward where 25% of all collected trade commissions for all currencies on the exchange will be distributed to a number of masternodes (exactly how many will receive daily rewards will be configurable by each community).

We are currently looking for one additional cryptocurrency to attend this daily reward. Any additional currency attending would also make the cryptocurrency a mandatory base market on the exchange. While we have a number of candidates, we are yet to make a formal decision.

Base markets

At the release of the exchange, we intend to support eight initial base markets. The amount of active trading pairs may vary between different base markets. This list is subject to change.


Trading exchange

A full-featured trading exchange with trading pairs towards the different base markets on the exchange. Crypotocurrency communities will also be able to embed our trading widgets onto their site, allowing them to showcase the trade history and recently executed orders of the currency.

Cryptocurrency community portal

Each cryptocurrency will have a profile where they can publish promotional data and information about their cryptocurrency. Once a few communities join, Muntster will hold a repository of cryptocurrency information. On a monthly or bi-monthly basis, the administrators of Muntster will choose a cryptocurrency to showcase on the main page of the site - promoting rich profile pages with good information.

Chat server

Each cryptocurrency community receives a chat server where community members can join and discuss development. This will allow communities to interact and generate ideas for the different cryptocurrencies listed on Muntster. The chat server will also be offered as an embedable widget that can be used on an external site.

Mining pool

Cryptocurrencies that generate proof-of-work blocks receive a mining pool. While Muntster will collect a comissions of 1% for each mined block found in order to finance the mining pool, cryptocurrency projects can also specificy an additional comission between 0-5% that will be donated directly to the cryptocurrency.

Hall of fame and shame

Cryptocurrencies with a lot of acitvity and a vibrant community will be placed in our Hall of fame. To this end, Muntster looks at data such as positive reviews, repository activity and community activity. Cryptocurrencies with a bad reputation will instead be placed in our Hall of shame. These are projects that get very bad reputation from their community. Muntster will also allow cross-referencing of currencies in order to find possible scams and projects run by teams whose previous endevaours have failed.

Release schedule

Q2 Go live and open the exchange

Q3 Masternode hosting

For a small monthly fee of Swipp or 10% of the acquired masternode returns, communities and personal accounts will be able to host any masternode-enabled coin directly via the exchange. A private wallet with your own private key is generated - allowing you to import the key on any external wallet software.